How to Buy a New 4k Camcorder in 2018


If you’re interested in buying one of the best 4k camcorders in 2018 but have little to no idea what features you should focus on, you’re in the perfect place. We’ve gathered a lot of info about the topic, and we’ve come up with a straightforward buying guide that can take you through all the factors you ought to bear in mind. A little more research never hurts, so we recommend you keep on reading.


Image stabilization

There’s a high chance that you won’t be using a tripod or any other type of stabilization item in order to capture videos of your subjects. That’s why you might be in need of a camcorder that comes with image stabilization. This feature is particularly important when you’re walking, riding in a car, or the lighting conditions aren’t up to par. The lower the price of the product, the less likely you are of being able of using any image stabilization at all. Most manufacturers have branded their image stabilization technologies. Sony has Balanced Optical Steadyshot, whereas Panasonic uses Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization, in many of its models.


Twin second camera

Some models are so advanced nowadays that they give owners the freedom to use them for picture in picture videos. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will benefit from the ability to zoom in on a subject using the second camera and also record the entire field with the help of the primary camera. It stands to reason that this detail isn’t absolutely necessary if you’re not interested in video shooting for a living or for artistic purposes. However, it does come in handy, and it’s a nice addition that you can always rely on.


Built-in WiFi

It’s possible that the best 4k professional camcorder comes with a built-in wireless capability or at least some type of accessory with the help of which you can achieve the same thing. This is an advantageous feature to ponder as it lets you transfer your videos and pictures to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or even share them on social networks. Professional YouTubers, audiophiles, and musicians might require this particular detail if they intend to stream their content live with their audience.


The best 4k camcorders are showcased below. Most of these models have garnered the widespread appreciation of photo and video aficionados which is why we ended up comparing their specs. These devices are the top recommended choices that can be found in today’s market.


Top 4k camcorders in 2018



Panasonic HC-WXF991K


1-panasonic-hc-wxf991kThis Panasonic model is, without a doubt, the best 4k camcorder under 1000. Its specs have been highly spoken of over time. The device allows owners to do some serious 4K Ultra HD recording, which basically means that the image can be projected on 1080p displays efficiently.

In addition, a series of in-camera editing features allow you to get the most of the subjects you’re trying to capture. Another attractive detail about the Panasonic is that it comes with an Electronic Viewfinder that imitates the quality of semi-professional experiences. The 20x zoom Leica lens, as well as the 5-axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization make this model worthy of your consideration.

Last but not least, the Panasonic HC-WXF991K also offers the benefit of WiFi mobile features, as well as picture-in-picture recording, made possible by the built-in twin camera it comes with. Having gathered some of the best 4k camcorder reviews, it’s safe to say that this unit is an excellent choice if you’re unwilling to spend over one thousand dollars on a semi-professional camcorder.

Buy from for ($897.99)




Sony FDRAX33


2-sony-fdrax33The FDRAX33 is yet another notable alternative that you should give some thought to if you haven’t decided on a different model. This product is considerably more reasonably priced than other units we’ve seen, but the price difference doesn’t mean that much compared to all the benefits it offers.

The FDRAX33 has virtually anything you might desire from a well-constructed and versatile camcorder, in that it comes with a ZEISS lens and a Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, as well as a manual control ring, and even a touch screen 3-inch LCD. Even the specs of the microphone it comes with can be manually controlled so that you’re always reassured that you’re getting the best sound recording.

As is the case with many other Sony products, this one comes with both NFC and WiFi, therefore allowing you to transfer your files to your laptop or mobile device. If you have an NFC smartphone, for example, you can safely connect it to your camcorder.

Buy from for ($848)



Sony FDRAX53/B


3-sony-fdrax53-b-4kThis 4k and Full HD camcorder can let you take advantage of superior sensitivity, high-quality pictures, less noise, and brighter shooting conditions. Why is this all possible?

In short, the device has been equipped with an incredibly high resolution and a remarkably fast processor, which both make it possible for the images and videos to turn out looking sharp and well-composed every time, regardless of the amount of vibration or movement that might tend to affect the quality of the footage. Moving subjects can be recorded with ease, especially as this model comes with a standard Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, which significantly reduces the distortion and shake of some videos or stills.

Since it has a 26.9mm ZEISS lens, this model can be used with excellent results for landscape shooting or wide indoor scenes. Since it is a cutting-edge camcorder, after all, it’s no wonder that it comes with a 5-directional mic.

Buy from for ($998)



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