How to buy a new camcorder for Youtube in 2018


What is the best camcorder for YouTube videos? Want to find out the answer to this question? If that’s so, all you have to do is keep on reading. We’ve gone through a lot of info about these products, and we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide that can give you a hand when it comes to selecting the right model. Just be sure that you analyze your requirements before making your final decision.



As is the case with other digital cameras, the resolution of the best camcorder for making YouTube videos is also rather important. In 2014, the social network announced that it would be accepting 4K, but before you go out and spend a whopping two thousand dollars on such a good-quality unit, perhaps you’d like to consider that few people actually own 4K monitors. In other words, you probably have to focus on purchasing a good 1080p HD video camera.


Aspect ratio

The wider, the better, in this case, and we’re not here to argue with this statement in any way. If you utilize the 4:3 format, which can be found in most affordable point and shoot cameras, there will be black pillar boxes that will appear on your video. The widescreen 16:9 format is to be preferred as this is the one that YouTube utilizes nowadays. In most cases, many camcorders will give you the freedom you need, in that you’ll be able to select the aspect ratio you require.



If you want to invest your money in the best camcorder for YouTube in 2018, it boils down to what you’re trying to achieve. Sure, you’re going to utilize it to record video, but the problem is a bit more complicated. Will you be using the model as your primary camcorder and therefore shoot at your home or will you make it the best camcorder for vlogging while you’re out and about? These are questions only you can provide the answer to.


Some of the best cameras for filming YouTube videos are showcased below. These models are critically acclaimed for doing exactly what they’re supposed to, as they’re convenient and versatile and also rather easy to use. Some have cutting-edge features and can be used to connect to your home network so that you upload the video right after having shot it.



Top camcorders for Youtube in 2018





1-seree-hdv-302s-fhdThis model is surely worth considering as it is versatile, convenient, and above all, it won’t force you to break your piggy bank. It can usually be bought for less than one hundred and twenty dollars, which is a bargain for the things it can do. One of the main reasons you ought to give it a chance is that it has a 1030p 30FPS resolution and frame rate.

The product is compact and lightweight, which means that it works wonderfully for circumstances where you might have to vlog.

The battery of this unit has a runtime of 60 to 90 minutes, which is why we recommend getting an adapter separately, so you can use this as your primary camera and stop worrying about the battery running low. Also, the HDV-302S FHD is compatible with a wide angle macro lens as well as a fish-eye lens, but these are not part of the deal.

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2-seree-hdv-s5-full-hdIn some respects, this SEREE model somewhat resembles the one we’ve discussed earlier on. Some of the details that make the difference between the previously mentioned one and this product is that this device is slightly less affordable and comes with a 3-inch touchscreen. Other than that, the camcorder is efficient, easy to operate, and comes with an SD card support up to 64GB, which gives you all the storage you might require for your videos.

As is the case with the formerly indicated model, this one is compatible with a wide array of lenses that can be purchased separately.

What doesn’t fail to impress about this unit is that it has a unique battery design that allows owners to replace it with ease, therefore avoiding missing out on some of the important action that might be going on in the street. The lens cover, remote, charger, and USB and AV cables are provided in the pack.

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Besteker HDV-Z80


3-besteker-portable-digitalThis Besteker model is another one worth giving a try to if you’re in the market for a dependable 1080p camcorder for YouTube. Since it supports an HDMI output, there’s nothing stopping you from using this product and connecting your laptop so that you don’t have to go through a lot of trouble later on when it comes to transferring the video files to your computer and editing them with the software of your choice.

The factor which makes the difference between the models we’ve showcased before and this one is that it can be used to shoot videos for up to two hours. As previously mentioned, this wasn’t the case of some SEREE units of which the maximum runtime was 90 minutes.

In short, the Besteker HDV-Z80 is a notable choice if you’re willing to spend less than three hundred dollars. The deal includes a USB charger, a USB cable, an AV cable, a Lithium battery, an HDMI cable, a remote control, and many other accessories.

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